The purpose of our Pocket Neighborhoods™ is to provide high quality, affordable, sustainable, and community-focused housing in the Treasure Valley. Pocket Neighborhoods™ grew out of the desire by many to move closer to where they work and play. They offer an innovative solution to higher-density housing. Affordable housing should not mean substandard housing. 

The model includes mixed affordability—with some market rate and some subsidized with grants and down payment assistance. Beyond the affordability of the purchase price, monthly costs are minimized through various energy-efficient construction methods. 

These single-family homes allow buyers to obtain their “American Dream” in a more compact setting within existing neighborhoods.  

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I love serving my community and seeing tangible results that help others. There is such a personal aspect to my job. At NeighborWorks, we are helping to serve the community in a way that no one else really does in Boise. We are doing something greater than ourselves, affecting families to build their life's vision.

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-Bud Compher CEO

Love Where You Live

Owning a home means more than putting a roof over your head. We focus on the resident experience that emphasizes community, thoughtful design, and respect for the environment.

Save Money

Homes starting in the low 300's. Our energy efficient homes will lower your monthly costs.

Less Stress

More compact living helps declutter your life. Community gardens, shared green space, and HOA maintained landscaping are some of the features that will impact your daily life.