Our Team

<strong>Bud Compher</strong><br>
Bud Compher

<strong>Angelica Garza</strong><br>
<i>Executive Assistant & HR Manager</i>
Angelica Garza
Executive Assistant & HR Manager

<strong>Marc Brown</strong><br>
<i>Director of Accounting</i>
Marc Brown
Director of Accounting

<strong>Patrick Clayton</strong><br>
<i>Director of Mortgage Lending</i>
Patrick Clayton
Director of Mortgage Lending

<strong>Amy Fischer</strong><br>
<i>Accounting Manager</i>
Amy Fischer
Accounting Manager

<strong>RoseMarie Frost</strong><br>
<i>Volunteer Office Assistance</i>
RoseMarie Frost
Volunteer Office Assistance

<strong>Inga Hadder</strong><br>
<i>Director of Communication and Community Engagement</i>
Inga Hadder
Director of Communication and Community Engagement

<strong>Tommy Keating</strong><br>
<i>Construction Manager</i>
Tommy Keating
Construction Manager

<strong>Mitch Lee</strong><br>
<i>Director of Grant Development</i>
Mitch Lee
Director of Grant Development

<strong>Gaby Blumenfeld</strong><br>
<i>Community Engagement Coordinator</i>
Gaby Blumenfeld
Community Engagement Coordinator

<strong>Maile Lombard</strong><br>
<i>Loan Officer Assistant/Lending Specialist</i>
Maile Lombard
Loan Officer Assistant/Lending Specialist

<strong>Angela Mosgopoulos</strong><br>
<i>Housing Counselor</i>
Angela Mosgopoulos
Housing Counselor

<strong>Michael Shepard</strong><br>
<i>Rehab/ Asset Manager</i>
Michael Shepard
Rehab/ Asset Manager

<strong>Erika Switzer</strong><br>
<i>Manager of Homeownership Education</i>
Erika Switzer
Manager of Homeownership Education

<strong>Kodianne Burnett</strong><br>
<i>Customer Intake & Mortgage Specialist</i>
Kodianne Burnett
Customer Intake & Mortgage Specialist

<strong>Amber Williams</strong><br>
<i>Staff Accountant</i>
Amber Williams
Staff Accountant

<strong>Lynda Young</strong><br>
<i>Front Office Supervisor</i>
Lynda Young
Front Office Supervisor

<strong>Jenny Losee</strong><br>
<i>Marketing Coordinator</i>
Jenny Losee
Marketing Coordinator

<strong>Susan Bosworth </strong><br>
<i>Construction Administrative Assistant</i>
Susan Bosworth
Construction Administrative Assistant

Board of Directors

Chris Stroh - President
CS Property Management LLC

Rachel Anderson - Past President
Intermountain Gas

Janet Mollerup - Vice President

Brad Lish - Treasurer
Dl Evans Bank

Dawn Davis - Secretary
Marathon Specialty Finance

Erin Sorensen
Ethos Design

Rabiou Manzo

Morgan Hoffman
Designated Broker/Owner

Andrew Pena
Disability Rights of Idaho

Brian Yeargain

Angie Gribble
St. Luke's Health System

Heidi Rahn
Nampa School District