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Neighborhood Housing Trust of Idaho

As homeownership continues to be out of reach for many Idaho families, largely due to high home prices and interest rates, innovative solutions are essential. Our Housing Trust will make a home affordable, not only for one family, but also for many to follow. 

In the current Idaho housing market, it is nearly impossible for our priority populations—those with incomes at or below 80% Area Median Income (AMI)—to afford to purchase a house. Shared equity can make that possible for not just one household, but also for future households who purchase that home.

The first six homes in our Neighborhood Housing Trust of Idaho will be in our newest Pocket Neighborhood™—Cole Bluff Cottages. This model will open the door of homeownership to more households, with a significantly lower price point.

These first houses in the Trust are being made possible through the generous support of the Harry W. Morrison Foundation and the City of Boise through Community Development Block Grant Funds.

Ways to support the Housing Trust


  • Corporate and Foundation Grants

  • Gifts of Real Estate

  • Capital for Lending or Construction

Housing Trust Inquiry Form

Inquiry form for Housing Trust

Modern Illustrated Moving House Announcement (Paid) (7 × 5 in) (2496 × 1699 px) (1)