NeighborWorks® Boise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community development organization that has, for 40 years, helped to revitalize neighborhoods and improve lives throughout the region by addressing the housing needs in our community.

We provide affordable housing solutions, through our continuum of programs and services, that educate, empower and offer the necessary resources so low- to moderate-income Idahoans can obtain, retain, and maintain their home.


Safe, sustainable, affordable housing for a stronger, healthier Idaho.


Respect – Everyone receives respect, and we honor each other and all we serve, regardless of their circumstances.

Innovation – We seek new pathways to meet the needs before us in housing affordability.

Revitalization – We maintain and improve homes and neighborhoods.

Service – We equip neighbors to help neighbors.

Equity – We reach out to underserved populations because all deserve the benefits of safe, secure, affordable housing.

Partnerships – We cultivate partnerships to leverage resources and achieve common goals.

NeighborWorks America is supported by a national network of more than 240 NeighborWorks organizations in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. There are 17 NWOs in NY State; about ½ are NPCs.

NeighborWorks America is a Congressionally-chartered nonprofit organization dedicated to creating places of opportunity in communities across the country. For over 40 years, NeighborWorks has been building the technical skills and organizational capacity, supplementing resources, and amplifying the reach of local nonprofit organizations working to improve their communities. There are now more than 240 community development organizations working in urban, suburban, and rural communities across the country.

Visit https://www.neighborworks.org/Our-Network/Network-Directory to find a NeighborWorks in your community or help family/friends find one in theirs!




NeighborWorks® Boise was recognized as a NeighborWorks® Green Organization in August 2015. This designation reflects that we have successfully adopted green strategies throughout our organization and in each of our programs.

Having achieved a Green Organization designation means that we commit to adding green elements, such as energy savings and sustainability, in all we do. There are 8 program area goals that we strive to meet. As a Green Organization, we are provided with training, resources, technical assistance, and grant funds from NeighborWorks® America to achieve these goals. The goals and our activities are outlined below.

Green Building Practices

Green building benefits generations. It is the practice of creating healthier and more resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, and maintenance.

Healthy Homes

A home should be a healthy environment. We are working to provide products that help protect them and local eco systems.

Clean Air

The air you breathe when you're in your home is just as important as the food you feed your body. We're working to keep the air in your home safe by sealing, filtering fresh air intake, and circulating the air.

Water Conservation

Water is a vital source of all life on earth. We are helping consumers conserve it - for their own utility, bills and for the planet.

Energy Conservation

We preserve energy by intentionally designing homes with efficient heating systems, solar readiness, and insulation improvements to reduce energy consumption.