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The Finally Home!™ course is ideal for homebuyers who will be purchasing within one year or are currently in escrow.

Key information on budgeting, credit lending, real estate, inspections, insurance, and down payment programs are presented.

The monthly 6-hour course is held in person.

The Course:

  • Budgeting
  • Understanding Credit
  • Home Ownership Readiness
  • Available Loans
  • Shopping for a Home
  • Closing Process
  • Purchasing Costs
  • Hiring a Home Inspector
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  • January 9 & 10
  • February 20 & 21 (In Nampa)
  • March 9 (Saturday Class)
  • April 16 & 17
  • April 23 & 24 (In Nampa)
  • May 14 & 15
  • June 11 & 12 (In Nampa)
  • June 22 (Saturday Class)
  • July 16 & 17
  • August 6 & 7 (In Nampa)
  • August 20 & 21
  • September 21 (Saturday Class)
  • October 26 (Saturday Class)
  • November 23 (Saturday Class)

*Must attend both nights on dates with two evenings listed*

Time for the two-night class is 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Time for the Saturday class is 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. All classes are held at NeighborWorks® Boise's office, unless otherwise stated.

The Finally Home!™ class is taught by industry professionals ready to answer all of your questions about the home buying process.

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Financial Fitness Coaching helps clients toward financial freedom. Our counselors coach clients on how to develop a workable spending and savings plan, get out of debt, understand and improve credit, buy a home, and plan for a financially stable future.

This free service helps individuals and families learn budgeting tools, money-saving tips, credit management, and identity protection.


Pre-Purchase Coaching provides a personalized plan to pursue homeownership. Our professional housing counselors review budgeting, overcoming potential obstacles, and the steps to apply for mortgage loans.

The FREE service includes a complete review of income, expenses, debt, credit obligations and saving for a downpayment.

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Foreclosure Prevention Counseling is a FREE service for homeowners behind or in danger of becoming behind on their mortgage payments. Our professional housing counselors review the client’s financial situation to determine modification options and other ways to move forward to stability.


Contact Homeownership Center

Phone: (208) 258-6211


As HUD-certified counselors, we are equipped and eagar to help you prepare for homeownership.

Buying a home is a big investment. At NeighborWorks® Boise, we want to make sure that first-time homebuyers, especially those using special loan products and down payment assistance, are supported by experts who care about them and just the up-sell. Through classes and personalized one-on-one coaching, we can help you achieve your financial goals.

The HBE Course was very informative to someone who has no idea where to start from beginning to end. 

One of the spots that I thought was the most interesting was talking about financing in lending. I didn't realize there were so many moving parts in that area. I am excited to do some pre-purchase counseling so that I can get a feel for how well I am doing financially. 

Everything was VERY helpful and informative, they didn't miss a thing. The most helpful topic for me was the whole home buying process, my boyfriend and I are looking to buy a house together. We aren't married and were worried that would complicate the process but the HBE team walked us through how to easily do that. 

The Pre-Purchase Course was really helpful. It taught me the pros and cons of owning a home and all the steps needed to get ready to purchase. Having the one-on-one counseling was very helpful. It was nice to be able to ask more in-depth, unique-to-me questions. Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling is a great resource that everyone should take advantage of!


We currently offer one-on-one rental counseling. For rental assistance resources, please contact 208-258-6212 or email

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Looking for a new home? Check out our other programs that may be just what you are looking for to support your successful purchase!

Buying and owning a home is a major investment and a major responsibility. It can be exciting and overwhelming. Becoming a successful homebuyer is less intimidating when you have the proper education and a coach in your corner. NeighborWorks® Boise's Counseling & Coaching provides the tools you need to plan for and execute a successful future.